7 of My Favorite WordPress Plugins

wordpress plugins

Now that I’ve had the chance to get the hang of WordPress, at least for the most part, I wanted to share my favorite plugins.

If you’re not really sure what plugins are they are options for expanding your WordPress blog to do things that aren’t included in the theme.

  • jQuery Pin It Button For Images – If you use Pinterest to promote your blog you want to try to make it as easy as possible for people to pin your images. This plugin makes a ‘Pin it’ hover button over your images. Which will make it easier to pin your images and take people right to your articles. You can also have a custom image and put it any area you want.
  • Giveaway Countdown – This is the only plugin that I have paid for ($15) but it was worth very penny for me. You can see it in use on my sidebar under “Current Giveaways”. It adds a section to your edit post area where you can add a prize and an end date, then automatically adds them to the widget and has a countdown to the number of days left.  I looked all around for something free that would come close to this and nothing did.
  • Broken Link Checker – This is a huge help especially if you’ve had your blog for a while. It automatically scans your blog for links that no longer work. You can then change the link or remove it.
  • nrelate Related Content – There are a few different options for this one which you may have seen. It adds links and photos to your related posts on the bottom of each post or page. After looking around this was my favorite option because of the ways you can customize it.
  • Shareaholic – This plugin includes a few optional things but I only use the Share Buttons. It adds what social media buttons you would like to the bottom of your post and you can customize them.
  • Akismet – A lot of people rave about this plugin. I had no idea what it was when I switched over to WordPress but it has been a lifesaver. It does a lot of things but the main thing is it automatically detects comment spam. I get almost 200 spam comments a day that this catches, it’s crazy! You can still go through them to make sure they are spam but I have only caught two that weren’t so far.

Those are my favorites so far. Do you have any plugins that you love?


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